Cardinals Last Season in Chicago

The  Cardinals last season in Chicago, before moving to St. Louis, was 1959.  Pete Rozell pushed the move to get more television exposure in the Chicago.  The Cardinals moved to Soldiers Field for their last season playing in Comiskey Park in previous years.  Their record  was 2-10.  Their two victories, both at home, showed a great offense.  The week 10 game, with their intercity rival, was their last game in Chicago on their home turf.

Week 1 Washington Redskins

Quarterbacks King Hill and M.C. Reynolds completed 17 of 28 passes for 331 yards and four touchdowns.  The Cardinals also put up 250 yards rushing.  Bobby Joe Conrad  had a great running day carrying 11 times for 140 yards and two touchdowns.  Turnovers are always a big factor and this game was no exception-Cardinals recovered four fumbles .  Chicago Cardinals 49 Washington Redskins 21.

Week 6 Pittsburgh Steelers.  The Cardinals were 1-4 to Pittsburgh’s 2-3

The Cardinals intercepted three passes and recovered three fumbles.  They gained 266 yards on the ground but almost nothing passing.  King Hill bootlegged for a 27 yard touchdown run.  Chicago returned two punts for touchdowns-Bill Stacy for 59 yards and Ken Hall for 84 yards.  Chicago Cardinals 45 Pittsburgh Steelers 24

Week 10   Chicago Bears  The Cardinals were 2-7 to the Bears 5-4.

What do you think  of a team having seven turnovers?  Bears 31 Cardinals 7.


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