Don Meredith

{1} NFL Championship Game 1966-Green Bay Packers (12-2) at Dallas Cowboys {10-3-1)

Before the Dallas offense came on the field, the Cowboys were behind 14 to 0.  Green Bay drove downfield after receiving the opening kickoff scoring on a Bart Starr pass for a touchdown.   On the ensuing kickoff, Jim Grabowski returned a fumble 18 yards for another.  Don Meredith had a good game considering this disadvantage.  He completed 15 of 31 passes for 238 yards and a touchdown.  Dallas was at the Green Bay 6 in the last minute of the game when Meredith threw an interception.  Green Bay 34 Dallas 27.

{2} NFL Eastern Conference Playoff 1967-Cleveland Browns at  Dallas Cowboys.  Both clubs had 9-5 records.

Don Meredith completed 11 of 13 passes for 212 yards and a touchdown.   The Cowboys sacked quarterback Frank Ryan five times for 31 yards.  The Cowboys defeated the Browns during tht season 21 to 14.  This time it was easier.  Dallas 52 Cleveland 14.

{3} NFL 1967 Championship Game-Now Known as the Ice Bowl.  Dallas (9-5) at Green Bay (9-4-1)

The Packers scored touchdowns on their first two possessions but did nothing until the famous last drive of the game.  Trailing 14 to 0, the Dallas Cowboys came back.   George Andre returned a Bart Starr fumble for a touchdown.  The Cowboys kicked a field goal after a fumbled punt return.  On a halfback option play from Dan Reeves to Lance Rentzel, the Cowboys went ahead 17 to 14.  This was early in the fourth quarter.  Don Meredith went 10 fo 25 for 59 yards.  Tough day for passers.  Green Bay 21 Dallas 17.

{4} NFL Eastern Conference Playoff 1968-Dallas Cowboys (12-2) at Cleveland Browns (10-4)

Aside from the better record, Dallas, at home, defeated  the Browns 28 to 7 during the season.  Dallas led 10 to 3 with about a minute left in the first half.  The only touchdown was a fumble return.  Chuck Howley hit Browns quarterback Bill Nelson at midfield, causing a fumble.   Howley returned it 50 yards.  However, blown covering resulted in a 50 yard touchdown pass from Bill Nelson to Leroy Kelly tying the score.  Don Meredith threw interceptions on the first two Cowboys series in the second half.  Both led to touchdowns and Craig Morton relieved Meredith.  He had a horrible game, three for nine for 42 yards and three interception.  Cleveland 31 Dallas 20.

We learned during the 2010 that Don Meredith, the original quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys had died. Meredith played for the Cowboys during the first nine years of their existence, 1960 to 1968. Coach Tom Landry rotated Meredith with Eddie Le Baron for 1960 to 1962. Thereafter, Don Meredith became a first stringer. He survived the first six years when the Cowboys were building; then came the Dallas Dynasty which started in 1966.  Meredith was on the Pro Bowl Squad each year, 1966 to 1968. 


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