Quinten Mikell

Stemming from injuries to Brian Dawkins and Lito Shepard, Quinten Mikell had more playing time starting in 2007. He  made one big play in each of the previous  three years at crucial times.

2004 at New York Giants. Late in the first half, the Giants had the ball on the Eagles’ one and I conceded a touchdown. The Eagles would be trailing 13 to 7 at halftime. Mikell, clinging to but not interfering with the receiver, intercepted Eli Manning’s pass preserving the 7 to 6 halftime lead. This deflated the New York Giants and the second half was easy. Final Philadelphia 28 New York 6.

2005 at home with San Diego. With four minutes to go, the Eagles trailed San Diego 17 to 13. Nate Kaeding was lining up for a 40 yard field goal. Eagles brilliant effort against LaDanian Tomlinson would be meaningless if they lost. LT gained only 7 yards in 17 carries and had negative yards through three quarters. The Eagles had simply wasted four good scoring opportunities. Nate Kaeding is one of the league best kickers and 40 yards was well within his range. After the snap, Quinten Mikell blew through the line and completely blocked the ball. Matt Ware picked up the bounce and returned it 65 yards for a touchdown. Mikell said after the game that he had studied films and noticed some marginal blocking on the Chargers’ special teams. It was first Eagle return of a blocked field goal for a touchdown in team history. The timing was perfect. Final Philadelphia 20 San Diego 17.

2006 At Dallas. The Eagles led 7 to 0 in the first quarter but Dallas had the ball fourth and goal at the one. Tony Romo pitched to Julius Jones. No sooner did Jones get the ball when Quinten Mikell tackled him for a three yard loss. This was the game’s critical play and the Eagles’ biggest victory of the season. It meant more than the previous win over Dallas since this one was on the road. It was on Christmas Day and a great present Final Philadelphia 23 Dallas 7.
2007 At Dallas.  It would been four big play in four years but either Quinten got overly ambitious or instinct took over.  In the first half with no score, Dallas was inside the Philadelphia 10.  Five yards into the End Zone, Mikell intercepted a pass and ran it out.  His fumble gave the ball back to the Cowboys.  Nevertheless, the Eagle defense held Dallas to a field goal.  Final Philadelphia 10 Dallas 6.  This was the first of three year end victories and the Eagles finished at .500

We will talk about his play since then later.


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