No Margin for Error

The seeming trend in recent years with Philadelphia.  Make one mistake in a critical situation and the player goes elsewhere the next year.  Consider this:

2006-Dallas at Lincoln Financial Field.

The Eagles were leading 31 to 24 late in the game.  Dallas had the ball fourth and a half a mile inside their 30 with less than one minute left to play.  The Eagles had sacked quarterback Drew Bledsoe on the two preceding plays.   Bledsoe uncorked a desperation pass to Terry Glenn at the Eagles five yard line.    Defensive Back Micheal Lewis interfered with Glenn.  I had visions of Sudden Death  Overtime and maybe a loss.  The Eagles would be wasting seven sacks for 49 yards in losses; two pass interceptions; and two fumble recoveries

This of course did not happen.  After one incompletion,  Lito Shepard  got his second interception of the game and went 102 yards for a touchdown.  The Eagles won 38 to 24.  Micheal Lewis went to the San Francisco 49ers the next year.

2008-Philadelphia at Arizona

This game ranks as the biggest disappointment in my time of following the Eagles-56 years.  The Eagles could not move the football in early going.  Midway through the first quarter, Greg Lewis dropped a pass from McNabb that went 50 yards to the Cardinal 18.  The Eagles lost 32 to 25.  Lewis went to New England the following year.

2009-There were three games where one player made victory much more difficult

New York at Lincoln Financial Field

The Giants kicked at field to make the score 33 to 10, in the Eagles’ favor.   This was in the third quarter. On the ensuing kickoff, Jason Babin fielded poorly and the Giants covered the ball around the Eagle 30. Eli Manning threw for a touchdown.  Shady McCoy made a big touchdown run early in the fourth quarter to seal the game.   The Eagles won 40 to 17 but it should have been even easier.  Babin make a big block of a field goal in the game with Bears.   Even so, he was not with the team in 2010.

New York at the Meadowlands

In the second quarter, the Eagles were leading 14 to 0 but the Giants were driving at the Eagle 30.  Jerimiah Trotter juggled an interception; actually the play wound up as a completed pass.  The Trotter from three years ago would have run that ball down the sideline and a three touchdown lead.  The Eagles won 45 to 38.   The Eagles did not resign Trotter.

Denver at Lincoln Financial Field.

This is a first time I have seen a one player almost give a game in 40 some years.  With eight minutes left in the game,  Asante Samuel intercepted and ran to midfield.  The Eagles at the time were leading 27 to 13.  I thought it was time to relax.  Unfortunately, Macho Harris was clipping on the play. It was a 48 yard penalty, Eagles moving from midfield to the two.  The pass interception was the equivalent of a well placed punt.  Denver held, got great field position, and scored a touchdown.  Eagles 27 Broncos 20.  Macho Harris now fumbled the kickoff return and the Denver Broncos tied the game.  The Eagles got the win with a field goal on the last play.  Macho was not with the Eagles in 2010.


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