2007 Eagles bury Detriot 56 to 21

The Philadelphia Eagles celebrated their 75th Anniversary with yellow and blue throwback jerseys, that the original team called Frankford Yellow Jackets  wore.  Many thought they but they were different, I liked the colors, and Philadelphia won.

After losing the first two games in 2007, the Philadelphia Eagles exploded for a rousing 56 to 21 victory over the 2-0 Detroit Lions.  It was a wild first half with nine touchdowns, six for Philadelphia and three for Detroit.  There were some big stars in the game.

Donovan McNabb went 21 for 26 for 381 yards and four touchdowns;
Brain Westbrook, between running and catching, had 221 yards of total offense and three touchdowns;
Kevin Curtis caught 11 passes for coincidentally 221 yards and  three touchdowns;

Lions Quarterback Jon Kitna  went 29 for 46 for a team record 446 yards and two touchdowns;
Flanker Roy Williams caught nine passes for 204 yards, one 91 yards for a touchdown;  BUT
The Eagles defense sacked Kitna him 10 times for 53 yards; he fumbled once and threw an interception at the end of the first half that ended the Lions chances.  The Lions gained almost nothing on the ground all day.

First Half

Brain Westbrook ended the first drive with a shifty 25 yard touchdown run.  The Lions quickly tied.   After that the fun began.  Westbrook capped another drive with a five yard touchdown run.  Donovan made the Lions defense look foolish throwing three touchdown passes to Kevin Curtis of 68, 12, and 43 yards.    As Merrill Reese said, “this is looking so easy it’s ridiculous.”  The score was 35 to 7 with nine minutes left in the second quarter.  After the Lions scored a second touchdown, the Philadelphia Eagles went another drive.

Then came some anxious moments with the Eagles having the ball at the Detroit nine.  Blindsided, McNabb fumbled and the Lions recovered.   John Kitna fired over the middle to Roy Williams, who went 91 yards for the touchdown.  The 35 to 7 lead had dwindled to 35 to 21 and I was getting antsy.  Both clubs had shown an ability to move the ball.  Happily the game changed on the next two possessions.   McNabb screened to Westbrook for a 42 yard touchdown play.  Eagles Defensive Shawn Considine halted a Lions’ drive with an interception in the Philadelphia end zone.  The Eagles took over on the touchback and the Lions were limp after that.  The offensive fireworks ended with that interception.

Second Half

Things slowed down with Correll Buckwalter and Tony Hunt scoring touchdowns.
The Eagles put up 536 total yards to 432 for Detroit.  Final Philadelphia Eagles 56 Detroit Lions 21.


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