The Philadelphia Eagles in 2007

Using the  finish in 2006 as a base, I figured that 2007 would be the year for the Super Bowl.   This was without doubt the most frustrating time under Andy Reid.  The Philadelphia Eagles won the final three games to finish at .5oo, or 8-8.  The twist here is that  five of the eight were well within reach but for one or two plays in each game.  The Eagles were out of the Playoffs for the second time in three years.  Only in the loss to at Washington 20 to 12, at the Meadowlands to the Giants 16 to 3, and at home to the Cowboys 38 to 17, did the better team win.  In the strong NFC East the Eagles were last.

Game 14 at Dallas was the best win of the season.  The Cowboys at 12-1 were 11 point favorites to defeat the 5-8 Eagles.  The team put on a stellar performance on defense to get a 10 to 6 victory.  Nevertheless, the score was a poor indication.  Only luck and two bad plays prevented a blowout.

–First Quarter with no score.

David Akers by a narrow margin missed a 47 yard field goal;

Quintin Mikel intercepted a pass nine yards deep in the end zone.  Instinct overruled sense and Mikel, running the ball out, fumbled at the Cowboys 13.  The Philadelphia defense did not let up and the Cowboys got only a field goal.

–Fourth Quarter with the Eagles leading 10 to 6.

Twice the defensive line buried Tony Romo and he fumbled.   The Cowboys by sheer luck recovered  both times.

Brian Westbrook went down by his one will at the Dallas one with two minutes left.  The Eagles could run the clock out without kicking off.  An unselfish move from Westbrook.

The margin should have been greater; but it was a win.


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