NFL Title Game Philadelphia Eagles vs Green Bay Packers

Philadelphia vs Green Bay at Franklin Field. Though Green Bay was 8-4 against the Eagles 10-2, the better team did not win. The Packers through offense or turnovers made six trips inside the Eagles 15 yard line but scored only three times. Looking back, it seemed like Green Bay played the entire game in what is now called the “Red Zone.” Packer defensive end Bill Quinlan, who would become an Eagle three year later, intercepted Norm Van Brocklin’s first pass inside the Eagles’ 10. The Eagles fumbled on the next possession and the Packers recovered inside the Eagles 15. The Packers got only a field goal each time.

Norm Van Brocklin burned the Packer secondary with a touchdown pass to Tommy McDonald. After that Bobby Walston kicked a 15 yard field goal. The Packers then executed a beautiful drive which stalled at the Eagles 6. Then came the game’s most critical play-Paul Hornung was not even close on 13 yard field goal attempt on the final play of the first half. Had Hornung made this three pointer, he could have tried another on the game’s final series.

In the second half, Bart Starr capped an another great drive with a touchdown pass to Max Magee, who just died in October. Green Bay 13 Philadelphia 10. Ted Dean, the rookie sensation from Wichita, took the subsequent kickoff to the Packer 36. A few plays later, Dean ran six yards behind great blocking to go ahead.

It was 17 to 13 but the Packers kept coming. From about the Eagles 20, Bart Starr dropped back to pass. As expected, his protection was perfect. The Eagles defensive line never got close to Starr all day. Nevertheless, they did cover the receivers well. Starr through a swing pass and then came one of those “Slamming of the Titans” at a critical times. Jim Taylor caught the pass at the Eagle 10 and Chuck Bednarick wrapped him up and push downward. “Get off of me ” Taylor said. Getting up as the final gun sounded, Bednarick replied “You can run now.” Years later those two at meetings laughed over the incident.

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