Some Side Dishes

–The Philadelphia Eagles are looking at a possible new place kicker.  Players, fans, and coaches all remember the three misses against the Falcons and the two lollypops that closed the book in the playoffs.  David Ackers has been one of the league’s best place kickers and kickoff men since getting the full time job in 2000.  He follows and covers all kickoffs  never shying away from a block or tackle.  During his time, I can only remember only one game he cost the Eagles-the 30 to 27 overtime loss at home to the 49ers in 2003; but the flubs of course get the most attention.

Green Bay showed very bad taste with repeated talks of another dynasty.  As just stated, the Packers did not win the playoff game.  The Eagles lost it.  Two missed field goals, Brent Celek’s running over the end line after the last touchdown, and Vick throwing the interception on the last play spelled success for the Packers.

–Virtually all of the rule changes that have occurred in the NFL favor the offense.  Scores are higher, which was the intent.  Both against the run and passes the defense will take more chances figuring the other guys will move the ball anyway.  The results-more safety blitzes, pass defenders will play the ball rather than the man, and the defense will tackle the ball.  It will become all or nothing which many feel is a good approach.

–All of us want to protect players to the maximum extent possible.  Officials should strictly enforce hits and tackling with the helmet, late or out bounds hits, facemasking, and horse collaring; but do not go overboard.  The phantom roughing the passer call on Trent Cole nearly cost the game against the Colts.  Asante Samuel made a clean hit in the Giants game but officials flagged him.

–Talk is ongoing of a moving a team to Los Angeles.  At first, it seems odd with no team in the country’s  second largest metropolitan area.  The Los Angeles Rams were the first team to get recognition as the NFL hit TV with plenty of big names.  I do not believe either FOX, CBS, or the sponsors are in any hurry.  Los Angeles gets the doubleheader game every week and this will end of course when a team moves there.  The talk is centering around five cities

St Louis Rams-Truth is stranger than fiction
Oakland Raiders-Same comment. The Raiders moved to LA in the mid 80s and back to Oakland 10 years later.
Buffalo Bills
Jacksonville Jaguars
Minnesota Vikings


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