Quick Summary of President Hoover’s Roles

After Thomas Jefferson, Charles Evans Hughes, Herbert Hoover had the greatest number of positions in our history. His biographies show a wide variety of interests.

1896 to 1914. Mining engineer in every continent in the world. His jobs varied from finance, hands on experience, public relations, and administrative.

1914 to 1917. Headed an office to aid Americans stranded in Europe after the outbreak of World War I; headed the Committee for Belgian Relief after the German occupation; repeated problems with Great Britain who basically did not want Belgian Relief.

1917 to 1921. Under President Wilson, served as United States Food Administrator; to Hooverize became a popular slogan meaning the conservation of resources to aid in the war effort; served on the Peace Commission at Versailles; according to historian John Maynard Keynes, Herbert Hoover was the only man to emerge from these hostile negotiations with an enhanced reputation; ordered Relief to the Soviet Union in spite of the Red Scare after the Bolshevik Revolution.

1921 to 1928. Hoover refused to enter the Presidential race 1920 though both parties made offers; was Secretary of Commerce for eight years under Harding and Coolidge; without question the best man ever to hold that position; the bottom floor of the Department of Commerce in Washington, DC is a must see to fully appreciate his life.

1929 to 1933. President of the United States. The Great Depression rivals the Civil War as the greatest tragedy this nation ever faced; the causes off the Depression were many of the same policies that Hoover, behind the scenes, argued against under reactionary Presidents-Wilson, Harding, and Coolidge.

1933 to 1964. This man invented the modern Former Presidency; often testified before Congressional Committees; spoke against the New Deal and for Republican candidates; four times supported in vain Robert A Taft for the Republican Presidential Nomination; 1940, 1944, 1948, and 1952; President Truman brought Former President Hoover back into Executive Branch; directed War Relief and Africa and Europe; chaired the Hoover Commission to reduce expenditures and overlapping function in the Federal Government; Truman and Hoover became good friends and their correspondence is the most treasured in among two Presidents since the writings between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson; under President Eisenhower chaired a second Hoover Commission; often traveled on foreign assignments; wrote prolifically after leaving the Presidency. Gary Dean Best has a two volume work on Hoover’s Post Presidential Years.


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