The Lincoln Train, Gettysburg, Ear Wax

Gettysburg, which I have written about, was always one of my favorite cities to visit.  It has become somewhat commercial and tacky with fast foods and cheap souvenir shop.  Like Bethlehem, Pa and Annapolis Md, it has a dual personality.  It was the site of a bloody three day battle in July of 1863, the Lincoln Address four months later, and the residence of President Eisenhower.  The Eisenhowers bought the property in 1950.

Since battlefield to me all look alike, I always saw the museums.  The Hall of Presidents, the House Where Lincoln Stayed, and the Jennie Wade residence were very interesting.  Nevertheless, the simulation of the President Lincoln’s train ride from Washington, DC to Gettysburg has memories and reminders.   The Lincoln Train is a ordinary passenger car.  On each sidewall, projectors show the countryside zipping by at it looked 1863.  The train rocks sideways again to give the impression of moving.   The whole time at the Lincoln Train takes about a half hour.

When getting off the train, my head felt like it was going to burst sideways.   The pressure on my eardrums was intense.  Immediately, I went to the Emergency Room at Gettysburg Hospital where they drained more wax than I could imagine.  Reminder-twice a year either ride the Lincoln Train if you live near Gettysburg or visit the clinics at local pharmacy.  Do not neglect ears  in your overall health care.   


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