Evans Farm Inn, McLean Va

Ten years ago many of us strove mightily to save Evans Farm Inn right across Dolly Madison Highway where I lived in McLean, Virginia.  Once I spoke at 3am at the Fairfax County Government Center.   The multi-acre place had a restaurant, greenhouse, displays of farm equipment, huge vegetable gardens, farm animals, and a fake Gristmill, which was a gift shop.  It was a great place just to walk my dog and meet people.  I enjoyed feeding hay to the horses and donkeys.  Evans Farm Inn was a reminder of our agricultural past in a suburb just 12 miles outside of Washington, DC.

In 1994, new neighbor moved in across the street and the Father, or Husband if you will, carried the youngest of his three kids around the neighborhood introducing and telling his daughter, then under two, all of our names.  This included me and we had a good friendship and still talk today.  He made certain his little girl knew all of our names and made her repeat them.  The girl’s name was Byrnn.Then he took his daughter to the farm and must have showed her everything and pointed out what the animals were    When I  saw him next he asked his little girl “What’s his name Byrnn.?”   The baby grinned widely, pointed her finger at me, and said  “Cow”.  Just as I left Virginia the developers were digging up the area for townhouses.  This is a issue we lost and I do feel sorry for those in the area deprived of a beautiful oasis.

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