Palm Trees-Dangerous, Dirty, and Ugly

This is for anyone in the Phoenix and Tucson Metropolitan Areas. If there are palm tress in your yard, it would be best cut them down. Even the best kept palm is a blight on your property. Left alone they are dangerous and ugly. Palm tress give no shade and continually drop seeds. Proper maintenance requires owners to cut the dead branches and scales once or even twice yearly.

My home has a patio with two small terraces on each side. I moved in officially on September 30, 2002. Two palm trees covered with scales were on the south terrace. After about six months, I called a service to scrape the barks and cut off the dead branches. The trees were full of scorpions and I had my house sprayed for good measure. I was very lucky since scorpions are difficult to eliminate.

Not maintaining trees is dangerous. Those dead branches eventually fall and can easily hurt people and damage property. While it does not rain often, lightning has struck palm trees. Once I simply forgot about the trees and the neighbors complained about the debris, and rightly so. I want to be a good neighbor and was grateful they told me.

Finally, I wised up last year and had the trees cut and bark ground with the rotor-rooter. It looks as if my patio got bigger There is little to sweep and I am building a cactus garden on both elevated areas. If I do say it, they look good. Spend the extra $100 to remove rather than just trim your palms. It will save money and your property will look much better.

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