New York Giants-The First Advertisers

As you might expect the New York Giants were were first medis advertisers.
Quotes are from memory and may not be exact.
1. Vitalis-In separate commercials Frank Gifford showed pass catching techniques and Dick  Lynch did likewise with pass defense to a young players. The younger guys only came close in execution but earned the respect of the player. The scene switched to the locker room where the player and his protégée were combing their hair. The player said “Are still using that greasy kids stuff. Look at the grease on your comb. You can even feel the grease. Instead use Vitalis to keep your hair neat without grease. While you’re at it, try the Vitalis 60 second work out.” The players starts massaging that stuff all over his skull. “Your scalp will feel great. Your hair will look great. Vitalis keeps your hair neat all day without grease. Prevents dryness too.”

2. Haggar slacks. Sam Huff was playing catch will a bunch of kids. One almost knocks him over. “At least I dress a good game”, he said.

3. Rise Shave Cream. Andy Robustelli rushes Cardinal quarterback Sam Etcheverry causing a limp pass, which fizzles after a few feet. I do not know why Rise did not use a full sack. Robustelli says. “If you want a fast clean shave without irritation, try Rise for a really great shave.”

4. The best and most lasting was Charlie Connerly, the Marlboro Man. Films showed Connerly completing passes. He lasted for years on roadside billboards. Charlie Connerly was a dignified, ruggedly handsome man, who looked comfortable in western garb on a horse. Unfortunately, Connerly’s commercials were realistic; he died of lung cancer.


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