A Better Playoff System

Considering the imbalance in the both Conferences,   a new playoff system is in order.  I do not like seeing 9-7  teams winning divisions and 11-5 don’t even in the playoffs.   In addition, no team should be in the Post Season with a .500 season.  This year for the first time a team with a losing record made the playoffs.  The Seattle Seahawks  at 7-9 won the  NFC West and beat the 12-4  New Orleans Saints in the Wild Card Game.    

–Lineup all 15  teams up in each conference
–use the top six for playoffs

First Round

Team 6 at team 1.
Team 5 at team 2
Team 4 at team 3.

Second Round
Of the three teams, the best one has a BYE
The other two teams play each other with the best one hosting

Third Round
The Conference Championships with the best team hosting.
Scheduling should maximize the worst teams’ previous years playing each other and the reverse.
At times like these, I think of that great 1991 Eagle defense on the team,  at 10-6, that did not make the playoffs.


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