AFC Post Season Action 2010

I wrote this to a friend after Pittsburgh defeated Baltimore and the the New York Jets defeated the New England Patriots in the the playoffs last year.

After the Eagles, the Pittsburgh Steelers are my favorite team. Earlier I mentioned the reason for my slant to Philadelphia but will repeat it upon request.  Both games turned out right for Pittsburgh this past weekend.  They came back to defeat Baltimore, 31 to 24  Changing momentum is hard during the season and almost impossible in the playoffs.  Nevertheless, the Steelers did it on both sides of the football.  Then  came rooting just as hard for the New York Jets at Foxboro to defeat the New England Patriots.  The Jets winning 24 to 19 means the the Steelers will host them in the AFC Title Game next week.   I would not want to play on the road in the playoffs and this really holds for New England.  The Patriots were the team of the decade with four Super Bowls, three of them victories.  I fully expected them to defeat the New York Jets-but they didn’t. 

Now Pittsburgh is filled with excitement as the Eagles fans were on the 02 to 04 years. With no  proof, the intensity in Philadelphia is unmatched in any other city for the reasons I stated earlier. One dynasty will probably take the edge off it.  That’s of course in the future and will take several years. Pittsburgh should not be overconfident against the Jets next week.  Two things bothered me in each game Sunday.

Pittsburgh-A ball came forward from Ben Rothisberger as he attempted to throw.  This was in the first half with the game tied at 7.  The ball went dead at the 10 yard line with everybody  doing nothing.  Finally, Cory Redding from the Ravens picked up the ball and ran 10 yards for a touchdown.  All 22 players,  including Redding for a shorter span, just assumed it was a forward pass.  Football, like most other things, does not involve assumptions.  Players should always cover the ball.  All the power, speed, strength mean nothing if players do not match it with intellect and precision.  Forgetting, making assumption, or getting mixed up are intolerable.  They are professionals at great salaries.   Teams pay them not to get mixed up.

I would hate depending on these guys during a medical emergency, when time is critical.  There was almost an emergency at my house as I watched this play.         

New York Jets-The Jets’ Shawn Green made a great end around run for a touchdown following an onside kick.  The Jets were ahead of New England 28 to 14, with just under three minutes to play; time to relax and contemplate next week’s game in Pittsburgh. Not quite.  The Jets flagged Green for an excessive celebration.  This foolish act meant the New York would kick off from its own 15, with just under three minutes left, and to a team that could explode anytime.  Fortunately, the Patriots got only one touchdown.  New York won 28 to 21. 

This sets things up for Sunday.  Let’s avoid inaction or crazy penalties.

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