Atlanta Since the NFC Title Game

Since that great day in 05, when the Eagles defeated Atlanta for the NFc title,  Philadelphia’s record against the Falcons is 5-1.  Really quite good considering the caliber of Atlanta, which at times has been good

2005 at Atlanta-First Game of the Seaon

The officials ejected Jerimiah Trotter before the game minor brawl with an Atlanta reserve player.   This was an obvious set up and Trotter fell into the trap.  Atlanta got two touchdowns in the first quarter and the Eagles pitched a shutout thereafter.  The officials ignored a roughing the passer call on McNabb but fined the Atlanta lineman later.  The way the Eagles were moving the ball, they could have used the 15 yards in the game. When a team gains only 50 yards rushing, winning is almost impossible.  Falcons 14 Eagles 10.

2006 at Lincoln Financial Field–the Eagles were 9-6 and the Falcons 7-8.

Just as the game started, the Public Address Announcer informed the crowd that Detroit had defeated Dallas.  Since this assured the Eagles the NFC title, the game was meaningless. Andy Reid pulled all starters.  A. J. Feely went 22 for 33 for 321 yards and three touchdowns.  Hank Baskett caught seven passes for 177 yards and one touchdown.  Big Factor-the Eagles got five sacks for 37 yards in losses.  Eagles 24 Falcons 17.

2008 at Lincoln National Field–the Eagles were 3-3 and the Falcons were 4-2.
Donovan McNabb went 19 for 33 for 253 yards. Brian Westbrook carried 22 times for 167 yards and two touchdowns.  Eagles 27 Atlanta 14.

2009 at Atlanta–the Eagles were 7-4 and the Falcons were 6-5

McNabb went 14 for 25 for 238 yards and one touchdown.  The Eagles got three turnovers to none for Atlanta.  Sheldon Brown returned an interception 83 yards for a touchdown.  The Falcons scored a touchdown on the last play of the game denying Philadelphia their first shutout under Andy Reid.  Eagles 34 Falcons 7.

2010 at Lincoln Financial Field–the Eagles were 3-2 and the Falcons 4-1

Kevin Kolb was superb going 23 for 29 for 326 yards and three touchdowns.  Jeremy Maclin caught seven passes for 159 yards.  Davis Ackers’ missing three of  four field goal attempts prevented a blowout and was no doubt a factor in his release.  Fans will long remember the explosion at Washington and the great comeback at New York.  Since the Falcons were 13-3, this to me was the biggest win of the season.  Eagles 31 Falcons 17.



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