The 35 to 31 Loss to Atlanta

Losing the game Sunday night was a real downer since the victory was within reach.   The media said Shady McCoy and Jeremy Maclin had really good games but that is no consolation.  Here are the sore spots: 

–The defense, though good at times, was inconsistent.  This was especially true of the run defense.
–There was the continued horrible play of the Eagles defense in the Red Zone.   Five times the Atlanta was inside Philadelphia’s 20 yard line and they  put up 35 points.  Once again, the run defense was a major factor. 
–The Eagles got only a  22 field goal on a fourth and one at the Atlanta six.  This was a big Red Zone failure.
–Of course the Micheal Vick fumble inside the Falcons 10 and subsequent return really deflated the team. 
–The two points previously mentioned cost the Eagles 11 points.  A really good team would have had two touchdowns not just a field goal.
–I urge fans, players, and media to put anything but the next game out of their minds.  This really deflects attention from the immediate issue.          


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