The Big Loss to the Giants

We fans heard how good  the Eagles secondary would be with the free agent acquisitions in the off season.  Nobody would believe that after Eli Manning really destroyed the Eagles coverage Sunday.   Despite the sacks, the defense was not good against the run either.  The Giants  really have two good runners, which is a rare thing in the NFL.   Philadelphia also did not get any turnovers.

Inspite of the defense, Philadelphia lost the game in those two fourth and less than one situations in the second half.

Third Quarter-The Eagles were trailing 14 to 13 with a fourth and goal at the Giants one.  On second down,  I am surprised that Andy Reid did not challenge the call.  It looked to my biased eyes that Vick was over the goal line. Then came the offside penalty and the loss on third down.  Getting that  chip shot field goal brought little satisfaction.

Fourth Quarter-The Eagles with that 16 to 14 lead had a fourth and one at the Giants 45.  The attempt for the first down was logical but it failed.

These series in the third and the one play in the fourth cost the game.  It is the little things that are the difference between excellent and average and average to nothing.    




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