Versus the 49ers Since 2004

Past Games Against San Francisco since the Super Bowl Season.

Since the 2004 Championship Season, the Eagles have defeated the San Francisco Forty Niners five consecutive times.  The 49ers are obviously getting better as witness by last year’s really close game.

2005 at Lincoln Financial Field

Both clubs lost their first game.  This was just a tremendous performance and I could use a whole season of games like this.    Donovan McNabb was 23 for 29 for 243 yards and five touchdowns.  Terrell Owens caught five passes for 143 yards and and three touchdowns.  L.J. Smith caught nine passes for 119 yards.  On a late drive with reserves playing, Koy Detmer went nine for nine for 94 yards.  Eagles won with ease 42 to 3.

2006 at San Francisco

Both teams once  1-1 records.  The previous week, at home, Philadelphia saw a 24 to 7 lead evaporate versus the New York Giants into a 30 to 24 overtime loss.  The same thing almost happened again. McNabb was having a field day.  Midway through the third frame, the 49ers were driving and Mike Patterson, from the Eagles one, jarred the ball loose and went 99 yards for a touchdown. Eagles 31 49ers 3.  Nevertheless, San Francisco still persisted but the Eagles won 38 to 24.  The fumble recovery and run by Patterson was a seven point play. Alex Smith was 27 for 46 for 293 yards and a touchdown.  Donovan McNabb was 18 for 33 for 296 yards and two touchdowns. Brian Westbrook gained 114 yards.

2008 at San Francisco

Both the Eagles and San Francisco had  2-3 records.  On the play before halftime, the Eagles were setting up for a  40 yard field goal and leading 17 to 9.   Don Strickland blocked the field goal and Allan Rossum returned it for a touchdown.  That was a ten point play.  Rather than leading by 11 the Eagles led by just one.  In the third quarter, the Eagles were lethargic to stay the least.  The score was 26 to 17 in favor of San Francisco at the end of three periods.   Someone must have spotted something both on both SF’s offense and defense.   It reminded me of the fourth quarter of the playoffs at New Orleans in 1992.

Despite the repeated problems of scoring in the Red Zone, the David Ackers kicked three goals for a 33 to 26 lead.  Quintin Mikel set up one field goal with a pass interception. The defense really smoked with a display of sacks, turnovers, ball jarred loose from receivers, and deflected passes.  San Francisco quarterback J.T. O’Sullivan and running back Frank Gore did nothing.  The 49ers gained five yards in the last period.  Eagles Defensive Lineman Juqua Parker dropped back in coverage on the 49ers last possession intercepted a pass and ran 55 yards for a touchdown. Despite the Red Zone Problems, Philadelphia won 40 to 26.

2009 at Philadelphia

The Eagles were 9-4 and San Francisco 6-7.  Frank Gore gained 166 yard but this was really the only sore spot in the game.  Donovan McNabb was 21 for 36 for 301 yards and one touchdown.  Philadelphia won 27 to 13.

2010  at San Francisco

Philadelphia was 2-3  and the 49ers winless.  The Eagles held Frank Gore in check allowing him just 55 yards.  Quintin Mikel ran a fumble back 65 yards for a touchdown.  Alex Smith was 21 for 31 for 309 yards and three touchdowns.  Kevin Kolb was 21 for 31 for 253 yards and one touchdown.  The Eagles won a close contest 27 to 24.


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