Some History on the 49ers

The San Francisco 49s,  along with the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Colts,  came into the National Football League from the All America Conference after it folded in 1950.  In many ways,  this team had  innovators in pro football.

–The first left handed quarterback, Frankie Albert.  Albert played at Standford and coached the 49ers in the late 50s.

–The Dream Backfield  almost as soon as SF entered the NFL.  This featured YA. Tittle at quarterback and the three  running backs,  Hugh McElhenny, Joe “the Jet Perry, and John Henry Johnson.  When Johnson retired in 1965,  he was fourth among the all time leading rushers behind Jim Brown, Jim Taylor, and Joe Perry.  Perry and Johnson died this past spring within six weeks of each other.

–The 49ers ran  the first shotgun offense which lasted  for a portion of the 1961 season.  Coach Red Hickey had John Brodie as first string quarterback  but frequently rotated in Billy Kilmer or Bobby Waters.  The Shotgun never really caught on until the Roger Staubach era with the Dallas Cowboys in the 70s . That 1961 team had the most stunning differences against  the same team I have ever seen.  Perhaps opponents  learned how to defense the Shotgun.

defeated the Detroit Lions  49 to 0 in Week 3 and tied them 20 to 20 in Week 8,

 defeated the Los Angeles Rams 35 to 0 in Week 4 and lost 17 to 7 in Week 9,

lost to the Chicago Bears  31 to 0 in Week 6 and won 41 to 31 in Week 1o,

We remember the great San Francisco dynasty which ran from 1981 to 1998.


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