Past Two Games with Buffalo

The first meeting with the Buffalo Bills under Andy Reid was a 26 to 0 loss away in 1999.  We of course can forget this since it was Andy’s first year of coaching. The last have been meaningful victories

2003 at Buffalo

This scenario of this game bares a striking similarity to what’s on the grill for this Sunday.  The Buffalo Bill’s were 2-1 with an open day 31 to 0 win over the New England Patriots.  The Eagles, coming off a BYE week, were 0-2.  The losses were blowouts and at home-17 to 0 to Tampa Bay and 31 to 10 to New England. David Ackers kept the Eagles in the game with three field goals and Brian Westbrook ran 63 yards for a touchdown. The defense held Buffalo to 21 yards rushing.  The Eagles won 23 to 13.

2007 At Philadelphia

Both clubs were 7-8 seeking to avoid a losing season.  I personally was very angry over 07.  Five of the eight losses were well within reach with one or two plays in each game making the difference.  To keep from digressing, the Eagles won 17 to 9.  Kevin Curtis was a game saver recovering Donovan McNabb’s fumble in the Bills End Zone. McNabb was 29 for 41 for 345 yards and a touchdown.             


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