Buffalo and the Past Three Games

I thought Buffaloes were in that area and just moved westward with the advance of civilization.  Missed it again.  Buffalo’s growth began with the Erie Canal, which established a water route between that city and Albany.  The Canal played a major role in the decline of Philadelphia’s importance.

Most popular accounts hold that the name “Buffalo” is a corruption of the French phrase beau fleuve, “beautiful river,” a phrase said to have been exclaimed by French explorers upon seeing the Niagara River. This speculation, however, is contradicted by primary sources. French explorers actually referred to Buffalo Creek in print as Rivière aux Chevaux, “Horse River.” The earliest name origin theory to appear in print (1825) relates a story about stolen horse meat being passed off as bison flesh, with the site of the illicit picnic henceforth remembered as “Buffalo,” but the author who conveyed this tale expressed his skepticism. What is clear is that there were no bison in the area; that the settlement of Buffalo took its name from Buffalo Creek; and that Buffalo Creek first appeared on a map in 1759–1760.] Although the Beau Fleuve theory is the most appealing but least plausible theory among many, it is unlikely that Buffalo’s true name origin can be conclusively established.


Scoring in the Red Zone has been a major sore spot with the Eagles beginning in 2005.   Last year, preventing the other team from scoring touchdown inside the Red Zone added to the problem.  Now this year the Eagles have not scored in the fourth quarter of any of the four games to date.  Adding up these problems and fans figure, with some justification, that Philadelphia does not have much of a team.   I think the major factor is fatigue, stemming from pure frustration.  Here are the major duds.

At Atlanta-Kicking a field goal on fourth and one from the Atlanta 6.
New York-Again Kicking a field goal after having a first and goal at the Giants one yard line.   This gave the Eagles a tenuous 16 to 14 lead and the momentum shifted.
Last Year-A foolish fumble after a first and goal at 49ers one line yard line.

Small wonder the players are tired. I am too

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