At Washington Next Week and Dynasties

Next week the angry Eagle fans will be watching on television or  traveling to Washington to see the Eagles play the Redskins.  On paper, Philadelphia  looks better especially facing quarterback Rex Grossman;  but I have been saying that for the past four weeks.  The Redskins added Tim Hightower and he, together with Ryan Torrain, are anticipating big games against the Eagles run defense.  The D-line  looked like a sieve yesterday until the fourth quarter.  Even with that bad play, the turnovers were the big issue yesterday.  Not all the interception were Vick’s fault though, as he stated, it  will look that in the statistics.   If I had to pick out two key plays or situations it would be the following:

–Jason Avant’s catch at the Eagles 30 pulled the team out of a big hole, then he fumbled;

–a first and goal at the Bills 6 with the Eagles trailing 31 to 21;   few plays later, they lost 20 yards and settled for a field goal.

Let’s not blame Juqua Parker for jumping offsides.  That was just the last of a long string of mistakes.


Fans of the Philadelphia Eagles take their football straight and brood over losses for many reasons. I will mention the first one here. The Eagles have no dynasty or multiple NFL or Super Bowl appearances in short periods  despite being one of the oldest franchises.  Some teams, such as the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers,  have two.  The Eagles fall after reaching the top.  Look:

1960-W 10 L 2-NFL Champions-Fell to 10-4 and a second place finish the following year.  A home loss to the New York Giants 28 to 24 in 1961 was the real dagger.  The Eagles had one winning season over the next 16 years.

1980-W 12 L 4-NFC Champions-Fell to 10-6 with a four game losing streak in second half of 1981.  A home loss to Dallas, 17 to 14, was the biggest one of the season.  The Eagles had six consecutive losing years after that.

2004-W 13 L 3-NFC Champions-Fell way off to 6-10.


The Philadelphia Eagles had five NFC Title Games in the past decade 2001 to 2004 and 2008. Their record was a disappointing 1-4.   Eagles fans would have much more patience if their team had won perhaps three of these five games.  Good memories help fans through the bad times.


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