Two Places in New York I Will Miss

Before this sciatic problem, I made a trip to New York City each year in the spring.  It was the only  time I left Scottsdale.  If I ever go again, two places I really liked are gone.

1. The Glenmont Riding Academy

Many years ago, there was horseback riding in Central Park but now it was strictly indoors.  Even so, there was no reason to complain.  The large stable was on the west side of Central Park on Amsterdam  Avenue, about a mile north of Lincoln Center.  They charged  $60 an hour but, considering the location, it was worth it.  The staff was very helpful and patient. I told them, before mounting the English Saddle, not to hesitate pointing out any flaws in my riding.  They gave me some good personal attention.  Casco was the the name of the horse I rode both times and he had a good trot and canter.  Horse back riding is  good exercise and leaves you very relaxed thereafter.

2. Howard Johnson’s on Times Square

Howard Johnson’s restaurants were all over the country at one time.  They must have had a monopoly on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  At the exits, Howard Johnson’s added the Motor Lodges and Cocktail Lounges.  There were two on Roosevelt Boulevard; one near the city line and the other further down on Adams Avenue.  The location on Time Square was the last but with same rule of ordering;  keep it simple and you will be fine; go with the fancy dishes and you will be very disappointed.

The Martinis and Manhattans were large, smooth, and potent.  The cocktails were plain but substantial. And there was a good selections of draft beer. Only two items on the menu were appealing to me.  There was the standard pasta with meatballs or the generous seafood platter.  The large glass of ice tea was not refillable.  Though these meals were not really healthy, I could to go off the path once a year.


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