Yesterday’s 20 to 13 win at Washington

The victory at  Washington yesterday was a relief  and raised  hopes  that the team can turn this season around.    The defensive improvement in Buffalo in the second  half carried over into the game yesterday.  The Philadelphia defense came in 31st against the run and gave up only 42 yards.  They will of course rise on the shelves  when the statistics come out.  This was an amazing show against any team in the NFL.

This is what  happened.  Philadelphia had a 20 to 0 lead and forced the Redskins to pass and rely less, but not abandon, the ground game.  It is tough for any quarterback to come back from 20 points behind. Rex Grossman is not a good quarterback as the four interception indicated.

Some good points:

–The tackling was sharp and crisp and the Skins broke only a few tackles.  The Eagles seemed to be using their entire body.  In some prior situations  they looked  like they were grabbing a greased pig;

–There was really only one bad offensive play that prevented Philadelphia from breaking the game  wide open.  That  was the interception  Micheal Vick threw at the Redskins six early in the third quarter.   The score was 20 to 3 at the time.

–Mike Shanahan put  in John Beck at QB late in the game.   The fans at Fed Ex field were booing Rex Grossman and rightly so. I never saw Beck  before and the announcer said that he had not played in the NFL for three years.  He sure was able to burn the secondary on an 80 yards touchdown drive .  I don’t know if the Eagles used a prevent defense, Beck had a great series, or we could not adjust to him.  I was glad the Eagles could run the clock after that.  The defensive line for the Redskins was tired.

–This league, especially Dallas next, is not composed of guys like Rex Grossman.  No overconfidence please.   The Eagles in nature  have great eye sight, being able to  spot its prey from high in the sky.  The Eagles from Philadelphia should be near sighted and not see beyond Dallas in two weeks.

–If the Eagles are fortunate enough to have blow out win sometime this season,  Andy Reid should insert Vince Young at quarterback ASAP and let him throw even if it’s only for one play.  Extreme  example.  The Eagles are leading 20 to 10, five second to go, and have the ball.  Put Young in and let him pass.

–Kurt Coleman was great.


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