Dallas at Philadephia Losses Since the Super Bowl

With the passage of time, the frame of reference starts with the period since the Super Bowl.  The Eagles are 2-4 with the Cowboys at Lincoln Financial Field.

Victories over Dallas are special for several reasons:

1. Someone had the nerve to call Dallas America’s Team.  This is a insult to the other 31 cities.  Each metropolitan area has something unique in American History and to our economy today.
2. Dallas is the symbol of wealth and Philadelphia is more working class,
3. Of all of the teams in the NFC, Dallas has done the best in the Super Bowl.  They are tied with the San Fransisco Forty Niners in victories, five, and have the most number of  appearances with eight, and
4. The Cowboy is one  symbol of America.  What can’t an Eagle be the same.

Here are the the summaries for each year

2005-Early in the fourth quarter, the Eagles were leading 17 to 7 with a first and goal at the Cowboy eight. Then came three failures. Ackers had to kick for a 20 to 7 lead.   The defense collapsed with about six minutes left with the running of Felix Jones  and the passing of Drew Bledsoe.  The Cowboys score cut the lead to 20 to 14.  Then came a foolish play right after the kickoff.  Reggie Brown ran one way, McNabb threw it another way, and Dallas LB Roy Williams intercepted the pass and scored.  This play plus 95 yards in penalties showed the Eagles were not all together. Dallas 21 Eagles 20.

2007-Dallas won 38 to 17.  No problem for me at least.

2009-The biggest play of the season cost the Eagles first place in the NFC East and a BYE week.  With the Eagles leading 13 to 10 in the third quarter, Sheldon Brown intercepted and ran the ball 40 yards to the Dallas 30.  A clipping penalty nullified put the Eagles deep in their own territory.  After Dallas scored a touchdown, David Ackers kicked a 50 yard field goal to narrow the score to 20 to 16.  Philadelphia  could not stop the Cowboys after the kickoff.

2010-It was odd last playing Dallas in a game that was meaningless.  Andy Reid was correct in using the second string; but this loss really hurt.  Kevin Kolb did not play well at all. The Eagles scored first with Kolb throwing a short touchdown pass to Chad Hall.  Though the score was only 7 to 0,  Philadelphia was in control.   They would punt from their 20 yard line with less than two minutes in the first half.  Kevin Kolb fumbled, DeMarcus Ware picked  it up, and ran 16 yards for a touchdown.  Momentum changed.

The third quarter was scoreless and in the final period the Eagles missed a chance to win.  David Ackers kicked a 43 yard goal.  Next, Kevin Kolb threw one of his few sharp passes again to Chad Hall for 50 yards to the Cowboy eight. Once again came a Red Zone failure and the Eagles led 13 to 7.  Dallas Quarterback Stephen McGee capped a 40 yard drive with a four yard touchdown pass to Jason Whitten.  This was after a pass interception.

Kevin Kolb through three pass interceptions and, as stated fumbled.  Dallas sacked him five time for 39 yards in losses.  Okay it was basically an exhibition game; but this was Dallas.


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