Eagles Defeat Dallas 34 to 7

Last night was a great game with the Eagles really playing to their full potential.

–holding a team’s leading rusher to under 100 yards often is a measure of success; Philadelphia did that De Marco Murray, who gained  74 yards.  He still averaged  4.3 yards per carry; but the Eagles by scoring and a whopping 42 minutes of offense removed him as a threat,

–the Eagles ran for 239 yards against the NFL’s number one team against the rush; Dallas had previously allowed just 74 yards per game,

— the Eagles did have a key Red Zone failure and settled for just a field goal near the end of the first half,

–Nnamdi Asomuga was really alert getting the interception after the deflected pass; players can never let up in a game,

–Tony Romo’s 70 yard touchdown pass to Laurent Robinson was a well executed play; it prevented Andy Reid from getting his first shutout;

–the announcers made that same dumb statement about a running back, in this case Shady McCoy,  getting stronger as the game goes on; not true; the offense just consumes less energy than the defense for any given period of time,

–DeMarcus Ware continues to be  an Eagles nemesis getting four sacks for 23 yards.

–Stopping the Cowboys on downs inside the Eagles five with five minutes left in the game  was also big. Even though the score was 34 to 7,  I was not comfortable until then.


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