The 1980 Super Bowl Oakland vs. Philadelphia

The Oakland Raiders defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 27 to 10 in the 1980 Super Bowl.  This defeat emphasized four points most of us know.

1. The result and style of play in a regular  season game in no way correlates to the same result when the same two team meet in the post season.  Regular Season Eagles 10 Raiders 7; Super Bowl Raiders 27 Eagles 10.

2. Turnovers, sacks, and, penalties are the main indicators of success or failure.  The Eagles got sacks and turnovers in the regular season.  They gave gave up the ball four times, got no sacks or turnovers, and committed one costly penalty in the post season.  Yards gained in the Super Bowl for each team were almost equal.

3. The Quarterback often gets too much credit and wins the MVP  when it rightfully should go to another player.  Rob Martin not Jim Plunkett should have gotten the award for this game. Martin got three interceptions and a fumble recovery. (Noted Later)

4. What happens in the first half is just as important as the second half.    Historians need only look at the first half to understand this game.

5. Special teams or kicking plays often decide games.


Plays in the Game

First Quarter

1. On the first series of the game, Linebacker Rob Martin intercepted Ron Jaworski deep in Eagle territory.   This led to a quick touchdown.

2.   Ron Jaworski threw a 45 yard touchdown pass to Rodney Parker.   Harold Carmichael, in motion,  went forward a tad too early.  Touchdown negated.

Second Quarter

1. Eagle placekicker Tony Franklin got a 21 yard field goal.  Oakland now led 14 to 3.

2. On the ensuing kickoff, the Oakland returner  fumbled at the Raider 15.  Two Eagles were almost on top of the ball but Rob Martin recovered .  If the Eagles had gotten the ball, it meant a touchdown or at least a field goal.

3. From the Raider 20 on third down, Ron Jaworski overthrew Rodney Parker in the End Zone with no one  within five yards of him.  I never understood how Parker got so open on a short field.

4. Tony Franklin attempted a 37 yard field goal that Ted Hendricks blocked;  and he really blocked it with the ball going backward.


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