Loss Nov 14, 2011 21 to 17

There is no way the the Cardinals can match the Eagles in pure talent .  I pictured yesterday’s game as easy and was really let down.  Philadelphia was sluggish at the start and Asante Samuel’s great interception gave them some spark.   Still there were too many missed open receivers and dropped on-target passes.  Let’s remember this before pointing fingers at the defense.  There were three plays and one five yard penalty that turned the game around.

I am not sure if the first of the three incidents was in the fourth quarter but I think it was.

{1} The Eagles were third and one at the Cardinal’s 16 and a 14 to 7 lead.  The officials ruled during the count that the Philadelphia Eagles jumped offside but the replay clearly showed encroachment from Arizona.  The two announcers agreed that the Arizona was at fault.  The Eagles lost five yards and Vick threw an interception on the next play.

{2} Juilo Hanson just missed interception from a deflection on the tying touchdown down drive. If Hanson makes that play, it would have been  coast to coast interception.  The Cardinals caught the ball and  tied the game.

{3} In spite of the last two bullets,  the really big play was the fourth and two completion from the Arizona 28.  If that ball goes incomplete, the Philadelphia Eagles take over, burn the clock, or Arizona takes  timeouts.  A field goal or touchdown changes the game.  Just this stand alone play was the big rock.

The game is all the more disgraceful  facing a second year quarterback on a subpar team.  Had Philadelphia won going down to the final seconds,  I would have been relieved more than happy.  So now they lose and look very bad.

There is only a small spark of hope and it does not concern post season activity.   No one can believe that will happen.  Two years ago, in a least four games, the Eagles were playing dangerous football.  The team was winning close games in the last minute that should have been much easier.  They survived  missed sacks,  dropped possible interceptions, and turnovers yet still won.

I thought this type of play would catch up with them and it did.  Dallas defeated them easily on successive weekends.   Right now, I believe the Eagles are losing games and the other side is winning by default.  Maybe they can turn this around.

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