Great Bounty Bowl-8th and 9th Reasons for Ryan’s Years

About three weeks into the 1989 season, the Eagles released Luis Zendejais and signed Roger Ruzek as a placekicker.  Not being certain , Ruzek may have kicked previously for Dallas.  Ryan put a Bounty on Zendejas before the game.   I never watched football on Thanksgiving since my teams were not involved.  There were two exceptions I will mention later but give a me a chance to remember the Eighth Reason for Buddy Ryan’s success-The Bounty Bowl, Thanksgiving Day 1989.

Randall Cunningham completed 21 of 33 for 234 yards two touchdowns.  Keith Byers  caught eight passes for 90 yards. Chris Carter caught two touchdown passes.  It was a day fans will remember for Troy Aikman.    He completed seven of 21 passes for just 54 yards.  The Eagles made three interceptions.   The interception from Mike Golic was a classic that he returned 23 yards.  The defense recorded two sacks and two fumble recoveries. The Philadelphia Eagles took it to them 27 to 0.

And so you have the the 8th and 9th reasons  for the appeal of Buddy Ryan.  The Eagles turned in their best Thanksgiving Day performance since 1968 and turned the record around over Dallas.  As you remember in 1968 the Eagles, with four field goals, shut out the Detroit Lions on a muddy field 12 to 0.

The Eagles against Dallas from 1968 to 1978-W2 L20; from 1981 to 1985  W2 L7;

Under Buddy Ryan from 86 to 90 was W8 L1.


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