New York Giants in 2007

Nobody enjoyed last night’s victory over the New York Giants more than I did  but there were  two soft spots needing attention.  Mistakes are not only important if you lose. Three pass interceptions and that foolish display from DeSean Jackson really hurt.


The 2007 New York Giants  team had the worst Regular Season and best Post Season Play of any NFL Champion.   In 2006, they started at 6-2 and  finished 2-6 for an 8-8 or .500 season.  Now without  Tiki Barker, total collapse of the team seemed imminent. They went all the way winning  in the Super Bowl and deserved it.  Nevertheless their schedule was not difficult .  The NFL basis the matching  of the six swing  games with teams having similar records.  That is a way off maintaining parity.

Let’s group the season together based on similarity and chronology.

{1} The first two games which the Giants lost; at Dallas 45 to 35 and at home to the Green Bay Packers 35 to 13.  This one sided loss had the fans clamoring for the firing of Tom Cloughin.

{2} The Giants defeated the Washington Redskins at Landover, Md 24 to 17;  the the team won five more games bringing their record to 6-2.  A great streak but the win over the Redskins was their only winning team NY defeated in 2007.

{3} At New York, the Giants lost to the Dallas Cowboys  30 to 21, snapping the six game winning streak and now their record was 6-3.  The Cowboys swept the series from the Giants in 07.

{4} The Giants won four of next six for 10-5 record.  Let me state the point again.  The Washington Redskins, at 9-7,  were the only winning team they faced in this period. The Redskins beat the Giants in New Jersey 22 to 10.

{5}  The New England Patriots beat the Giants  in the Meadowlands in the final game 38 to 35.  The Giants came in at 10-5 and could not improve their Wild Card Status by winning.  The pressure was on the the Patriots to get a perfect regular season.  And they did.  More Later.


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