Past History with New England

The Patriots have defeated the Philadelphia Eagles three consecutive times.  The 31 to 28 loss at Foxboro in 07 hurt more than the Super Bowl loss three years earlier.  Some is some mystic about the number three.

2004-The Eagles lost to New England in the Super Bowl by three 24 to 21;
Three years later;
2007-The Eagles lost to New England at Foxboro by three 31 to 28.

The 07 loss dropped the Eagles to 5-6  and virtually ended any Post Season hopes.  Should the Eagles win today, they will rise to 5-6.  Life support for the Post Season remains.

The 07 loss stemmed from three interceptions, two by Asante Samuel.  Samuel opened the game in Eagles territory returning an interception  for a touchdown.  He closed the game with an interception in Patriots territory ending the Eagles’ hopes.   The Eagles got no turnovers but there was one critical series that swung momentum to the other side .  Philadelphia stopped the Patriots on downs at the own 34;  but they failed to get a first down and punted the ball away; big series.

In 03, the Patriots won at Philadelphia 31 to 10.  Philadelphia had  six turnovers and yielded eight sacks.  Nevertheless one point brought Donovan McNabb and the Eagles some respect.  The Eagles had the ball at their own ten with two minutes left and behind 24 to 10.   The New England defense cut off the sidelines and long passes. Donovan could have completed a series of short passes that would have boosted his completion percentage, gotten additional yardage, and perhaps even a meaningless touchdown.

Instead he chose  the difficult route and threw a long pass. Teddy Bruschi intercepted it and ran  for a touchdown. Donovan McNabb stood low on actual figures but high in esteem.


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