Eagles Losses as the NFL Expands

After the Eagles won the NFL Championship in 1960, it was all downhill from there.   As said above, it was while pro football was getting more publicity.  All this time , the Eagles had only one winning season; the coaches were Nick Skorich, Joe Kuharich, Jerry Williams, Ed Khayat, Mike McCormick, and Dick Vermeil.

1962.  The Eagles went from first to last in two years.  During a seven game span, they had six losses and a tie.  Record  3-10-1.

1963.  Things got even worse. During a nine game span, Philadelphia lost eight and tied one.  Record 2-10-2.

1965. Their record improved but the Eagles lost six in a seven game span.  Record 5-9.

1966.  The Eagles won their last four games to go from .500 to 9-5.  This earned them a spot in the Runner Up Bowl where they lost to the  Baltimore Colts 20 to 14.  Even so there were two really bad losses which hit the sports sections across the country.  Philadelphia lost at home to St  Louis 41 to 10 and away at Dallas 56 to 7.

1968.  I mentioned this before in the story the Best Thanksgiving Day in Detroit.  The Eagles lost their first 11 games.  Final record 2-12.

1969. After 10 games, Philadelphia was 4-5-1 and there were hopes for a winning season; then they lost their final four; the record was 4-9-1.

1970.  Philadelphia lost the first seven games; did better thereafter but their record was only 3-10-1.

1971.  The Eagles lost their first five games; went 6-2-1 thereafter;  finished a respectable 6-7-1;  raised false hopes for 1972.

1972.  Philadelphia lost their first and last five to finish a dismal 2-11-1.

1973.   Philadelphia had three losses and a tie the first four games;  went 5-5 thereafter to finish 5-8-1; great offense but a bad defense kept them from winning more.

1974. With the acquisition of Bill Bergey the defense improved but the offense fell off;  after losing the first game, Philadelphia  won four in a row;  lost six in a row; then won three in a row; finished at 7-7 or their best season since 1966.

1975. Lost the first two. Then after winning at home with  Washington lost five in row; improved after that but the final record was 4-10.

1976. Lost seven of eight at one point; finished 4-10.

1977. Lost seven of eight at one point; finished 5-9.


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