Eagles 20 Dallas Cowboys 7

Just a superb effort today.  No good to great team can depend on another team to get them in the playoffs.  Three years ago things fell into place and the Eagles made the  playoffs; it is unrealistic to expect that again  in so short a time frame.   Even so, this win was over Dallas was very special.  For the first time in  five years, Philadelphia  beat  Dallas twice.  They missed chances to do it in 2008 and 2010, which I will discuss.

Vick and company moved the ball in the first half.  He got great pass protection and scored.  The defense was intense all day long.  Just a few comments:

–Jeremy Maclin’s fumble that flew into the Dallas End Zone cost the Eagles a touchdown;

–Brian Rolle’s muff of a pass interception in the third quarter also prevented an easy 40 yard glide for another.  I don’t he maintained his cool.

I felt both of these mistakes, costing 14 points, really would zap Philadelphia later in the game.  In spite of this additional pressure, the defense held on.

There is of course the continual problem of the offense wilting in the second half.  This has happened in both victories and defeats this year.

Great win though which should be some comfort to fans.


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