More on the Dallas Victory

The Philadelphia Eagles had a great win yesterday. This was the first time since 2006 that the Eagles defeated the Dallas Cowboys twice.   Since the Super Bowl and counting the 09 Wild Card,  the Eagles record against Dallas is 7-8.   Three other games were lost that should have been easy.  Some additional observations beyond what I stated yesterday.

–The pass protection was perfect yesterday especially in the first half;

–Those two additional plays which cost the Eagles  14 points;

–Except for the last minute,  the first 59 looked like the memorable 24 to 0 game in 1991.    Twenty years ago, the Eagles held off a last attempt at a shut out.  This year things were different.  Dallas turned the ball over on downs inside the Eagle ten.  I commend the team for not settling for a field goal.  On fourth one,  the Eagles decided to punt with 15 second left in the game.  Dallas blocked it and  scored on a touchdown pass-Steve MaGee to Miles Austin with 15 seconds left.  Plays such as these show the Dallas team never gave up.  This speaks well for the coaches and players.

–There were three games lost  that the Eagles should have won in past years.   21 to 20 at home in 2005; 41 to 37 at Dallas  in 2008; and 14 to 13 at home in 2010.


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