Coin Flip in 1970 went to the Right Team

This weekend a broadcaster mentioned that there was a coin flip between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Chicago Bears to determine the the first draft pick for 1970.  This flip stemmed from the both the Steelers and the Bears having 1-13 records.  The Steelers won the toss but the NFL should have let Pittsburgh have it with no hesitation.

On week eight of  the 1969 season, the Chicago Bears (0-7) were home playing the 1-6 Steelers.  A Chicago writer made derogatory remarks about the Bears, especially on defense.   Linebacker Dick Butkus taped the newspaper to the wall and this, plus Butukus’ hot determination, set the team on fire.  The Chicago Bears led 29 to 0 and the Steelers had only 12 yards at halftime.  The Bears kept the pressure on in the second half.  With the score 38 to 0, the Steelers went on a touchdown drive against a prevent defense. Quaterback Dick Shiner completed a series of small passes.  Earl Gros went in on a two yard touchdown run.  The Bears won 38 to 7.

The statistics tell the story:

–in total yards, the Bears had 379 to 86 for Pittsburgh;
–the Bears sacked the two Steeler quarterbacks, Dick Shiner and Terry Hannraty, eight times for 48 yards;
–the Bears intercepted three passes and put up two safeties.

Three players stand out

–Gale Sayers carried 28 times for 112 yards and two touchdowns;
–Quarterback Bobby Douglas had one of his better days, completing nine of 16 passes for 123 yards and two touchdowns;

Dick Butkus completely dominated the defense.  He seem to be all over the field breaking up passes, tackling, and scored one of the two safeties.

Their records were identical but this game showed who the better team was.  Chicago 38 Pittsburgh 7.




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