Next Game for Philadelphia

 This is the reason the last game, the 20 to 7 deal with the Eagles,  had no meaning for Dallas.  Remember we found out in the first quarter of the Eagles game that the Giants defeated their intercity rival.  Both New York and Dallas have records of 8-7. Had the the Eagles lost, Dallas would be 9-6, one full game over the Giants.   If they lose Sunday, both Dallas and New York finish at 9-7.  The tie breaker goes to the Giants. It is a win or out season for either team.  The NFC East Champion will be 9-7.  This division has gone downhill the past two years.
Andy Reid stated that he will play all regulars and not treat this game as an exhibition. Winning this game means a .500 season; a sweep of both the Cowboys and Redskins; a 5-1 record in the NFC; and a four game winning streak.  Fans will have a measure of consolation for what has been a disappointing season.  

He has played reserves  only four times before and three times I agreed with him.

–The last two games of the 2004 season.  The Eagles had the BYE week and home field advantage assured.  They lost at St Louis 20 to 7 and at home to the Cincinnati Bengals 38 to 10.  After winning 13 of the first 14, that was fine.
–The last game of 2006.  Before the game, the Eagles learned that the Detroit Lions beat the Dallas Cowboys.   Philadelphia clinched first place in the NFC East but could not avoid a Wild Card game.
–The last game of 2010.  The previous week, Philadelphia lost to Minnesota.  This destroyed any chances of a BYE week.   Dallas came from behind for a 14 to 13 win.  It was odd playing Dallas with nothing at stake.  This loss hurt and I am not certain this was the correct way to approach the game. More on this later.
The Divine Lorraine Hotel closed in 1999 and is sitting at Broad and Ridge haunting. This building, as a hotel, could be a big part in the revitalizing of North Broad Street.  I will talk about three other buildings which could also help the economy of North Philadelphia-the Broad Street Station, the North Philadelphia Station, and the Metropolitan Opera House.  


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