Terry Bradshaw-the Last Hurrah

In training camp before the 1983 season,  Terry Bradshaw’s arm looked worn out and hurting.  Bradshaw  would sit out the season or perhaps retire. Fortunately,  he stayed  with the team.  The Steelers won nine of the first 11,  largely relying on defense.  Franco Harris gained 1,007 yards for the season but had an average of under four yards per carry. Cliff Stout had limited range  in his arm and threw too many interception.  A team that is one dimensional  will  eventually falter.  After starting at 9-2, Pittsburgh lost three in a row.

–The Minnesota Vikings defeated them 17 to 14.  Cliff Stout failed to connect on a late pass.

–On Thanksgiving  Day, the Detroit Lions had the Steelers for dinner, winning 45 to 3.

–A third consecutive loss was 23 to 10 to the Cincinnati Bengals.

Coach Chuck Noll decided it was time for a change.  The Steelers were falling apart on both sides of the ball.  Noll  started Terry Bradshaw at quarterback in  game 15 at the Meadowlands against the New York  Jets.  Only playing the the first half,  Brasdshaw completed five of eight passes for 77 yards and two touchdown.  The Steelers led  20 to 0 at halftime.  Bradshaw’s arm was screaming

In the second half Cliff Stout returned to the field and the Steelers put two additional touchdowns on the board.  Stout benefited from a tired Jets defense, which played almost the entire first half .  The Steelers clinched the NFC Central with a 34 to 7  win.   The Steelers’  loss to the Cleveland Browns, 30 to 17, in the final week meant nothing.  They finished 10-6.


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