Giants Ups and Downs Since 2006

The parallels between this year’s Superbowl and the 2007 game are obvious.    In both year’s

–Tom Couglin’s job was on the line.  In 2007, the Giants lost their first two but went 10-4 thereafter.   This year  New York was 7-7 but won the last two.  They are the third 9-7 team to make the Super Bowl.  The others were the 1979 Los Angeles Rams and the 2008 Arizona Cardinals.

–In 2007, New York during the season lost two games to the Dallas Cowboys and  another game to Green Bay.  They beat  both Dallas and Green Bay in the playoffs.  This year the NY Giants lost to San Francisco and the Packers during the season and evened the score in the playoffs.


Aside from 2007, the New York Giants have started fast and then lost games.

2006-A 6-2 start and a 2-6 finish.  The Eagles at the Linc beat the Giants in the playoffs 23 to 20.

2008-The Giants were 11-1 then lost three of their last four.  There only win was in overtime.  NY lost 20 to 11 to the Eagles in the playoffs.  The Eagles beat the Giants at the Meadowlands twice in a one month span.

2009-New York won five straight but were 3-5 after that-a.500 season

2010-A 6-2 start and a 4-4 finish.  A 10-6 season but did not make the playoffs.

2011-Another 6-2 start; lost five of six; then won the final two. A 9-7 season.


Giants Game; Hugh Marlowe

As we watch the New York Giants in the Super Bowl,  just think  how close the Eagles came to beating them twice.  If I had to pick the big series of the season-the Giants holding the Eagles to a field goal with the ball inside their one.  Philadelphia went ahead 16 to 14 not 20 to 14.  The momentum changed right there.
The subject actor was born in Philadelphia in 1911.  He played supporting roles in movies and television.  Marlow was always the antagonist or bandit who would not stop at anything, including murder, to get what he wanted .  Not quite so severe but still unlikable where his parts as a ruthless selfish person who would easily ruin another’s  reputation.  This behavior may not be against the  law; but it is cruel and needlessly vindictive.   Hugh Marlowe had a stone looking face and hard biting voice.  These were effectively understated to be believable. Supporting actors play a key in judging how good a film is.  Hugh  Marlow  was no exception.  He contributed to the quality of every movie he played in.

Bugles in the Afternoon.  Ray Milland wants to get even with him and does; good action western.

Day the Earth Stood Still, The.  Super science fiction attacking the Cold War mentality. High Marlow is symbolic of the greed each of us has held at one time or another.

Garden of Evil, The.  A trapped miner who is suspicious of his wife’s motives. He is his own worst enemy.

Rawhide.  Escaped convict holds hostages at a stage coach station.  Different theme to a Western and very good.

Seven Days in May.  A ruthless newspaper man not above slander.

Contrast in Hotels-NYC

At 54th Street and the Avenue of the Americas is a sharp contrast in hotels diagonally across from each other.   Remember that New York blocks are much shorter than Philadelphia’s.  Enter the New York Hilton and the entire lobby is chaos.  There are long lines and frustrated people checking in and out.  Travelers at the concierge station experience another long  wait.  I think people are smart to determine their own agenda.  The huge lobby has people moving in all directions.  No one knows where they are going from or to.

Walking further you notice four dining areas that one common kitchen serves.  You hear the clanging of dishes and silverware.  The waiters are running around like mice uncertain of who has what table.  The only place where there is some peace is in the gift shop.   People have enough sense to avoid the prices.  Nerve Shattering.

Go across the avenue to the Warwick Hotel and it’s a different world.  The traffic noise is gone; the relative calm is relaxing; and the lobby is small and cozy.  The 54th Street  Restaurant and the Sir Walter Raleigh Tavern have been there for years.   Just about everyone gets good person attention.   Quite a difference in hotels so close together.

Beer, Bullies, Buffets

The public does not remember good products that are slightly ahead of their time.  Sometimes it just a matter of a few years.  In 1969, the Pittsburgh Brewing Company, of Iron City Beer Fame, marketed Mark IV Beer.  This commercial showed beautiful young girls dancing to a beer with 1/3 fewer calories than their regular beer.  It was also less filling than other beers.  The whole thing fell lame.  Miller brewed its “Lite” product six years later and the light beer trend took off.  It remains with us now.

In 1973, there was X Beer.  This was a nonalcoholic beer.  The advertisement claimed that it tasted like Heineken without the alcohol that made you hot and heavy.  This did not sell.  Some 16 years later again came the Miller Brewing with SHARP which had less than one half of one percent alcohol.  Once again, the product took off.

From this it seemed like Miller’s was the trend setter.
————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Earlier expressed was my idea of how to handle bullies at school or work-ignore them.  I don’t know if this is on You Tube or not but the classic movie Twelve Angry Men shows this point very well.  A disgusting loud mouthed bigot has been expressing his sharp ideas throughout the deliberations.  It seems like his tirades are growing longer.  Finally, he really becomes long winded and, one by one, ten of the jurors leave the table.  The guy continues “Listen Listen”.  The one remaining man states  “We have listened. Now sit down and don’t open your filthy mouth again.”
Every year our dance club in Phoenix has midnight buffet at the annual dance.  I am too tired at the end of dancing to be around at that time.  Even so, I will not go the any buffet again.  From past experience, either it is the last meal or some or the first meal in a month for others.  I have seen better manners from a pack of wolves.

Philadelphia Eagles 1958-A Little Back Step

The Eagles hired Buck Shaw as their head coach after the 1957 season and announced a move from Connie Mack Stadium to Franklin Field.    There were some good things that happened in 1958.  The attendance almost doubled from the previous year.  Parking was much easier and Franklin Field to me was the best place ever to watch a game.  More on this later.  The incline at Franklin Field is sharp and bad seat there is non-existent.  Philadelphia also traded for Norman Van Brocklin from the Los Angeles Rams.  Philadelphia won only two games in 1958, both at home.  They defeated the New York Giants 27 to 24, the biggest upset of the NFL season.   Later came the rousing 49 to 21 win over the Chicago Cardinals.  More later on both of these games. 
In all, Buck Shaw’s team went down by a game and a half from 1957, 4-8 to 2-9-1.  The loss that really hurt was on the road to the Green Bay Packers.  It was the Packers only win of the season-they were 1-10-1.   Vince Lombardi would  arrive the following year.The game itself was interesting and generally a passing duel between Norman Van Brocklin and Babe Parilli from Green Bay. Van Brocklin went 22 for 39 for 293 yards, three touchdowns and two interceptions.  Pete Retzlaff caught six passes for 121 yards.  Parilli was good as well going 14 for 25 for 200 yards and four touchdowns. Max McGee caught six passes for 100 yards and two touchdowns.  It was a close game at halftime, 17 to 14 Packers,  with an interesting second half.

The Packers dominated the third quarter with three touchdowns and a 38 to 17 lead. Oddly enough, Philadelphia came back with three touchdown to trim the margin to 38 to 35.  A last minute on-side kick failed and the Eagles lost 38 to 35.   Two years later, Babe Parilli would start for the Boston Patriots and then back up Joe  Namath for the New York Jets in the AFL.  Of course, we all know what happened when the Eagles and Packers met in 1960.         

Remembering Chris Schenkel II

Beginning in 1962,  Pittsburgh began playing a Saturday night game the first week of October.  This opened the area up for a regional telecast the next day. Fortunately for me at least, it was Chris Schenkel telecasting the New York Giants.  The Giants were in the Championship Game in  62 and 63.

1962-Week 4 New York at St. Louis  Cardinals -The Giants won this game easily 31 to 14.  What I remember is Y.A. Tittle, always a pocket passer, running eight yards for a touchdown.   Schenkel in his enthusiastic manner said “Tittle is beside himself.”  Y. A.   got more satisfaction from this run than from 10 touchdown passes.

1962-NFL Tittle game at Yankee Stadium vs. Green Bay Packers. This was a dull disappointing affair.  The only bright spot was Giants Erich Barnes blocked  punt deep in Packers territory.  Little known Jim Collier had the one big play of  his career.  He recovered in the ball inside and Packer two and, like a snake, crawled in for a touchdown.  Packers 16 Giants 7.

1963-Week 4 New York at DC Stadium.  The Redskins game back from 17 to 0 deficit to 17 to 14.  Midway in the fourth quarter, the Giants had ball fourth one at the Redskins 22.   Y.A. Tittle made a fake hand off to Alex Webster, rolled to his right,  and threw  a 22 yard touchdown pass to Del Scofner.  Giant 24 Redskins 14.

1963-NFL Title Game at Wrigley Field, Chicago.  Temperature 4 degrees.  This was one of the biggest  disappointments in Giants history.   Y.A. Tittle sustained a severe knee injury as he threw a 14 yard touchdown pass to Frank Gifford.  Chicago Defensive end Larry Morris crashed into his planted left knee.  This hurt him the rest of the game and the next series was the turning point. The Giants intercepted at the Bears 30 and Y.A. went for broke on the next play.  Tittle knew he had to get another score quickly before his knee just froze.

He hit Del Scofner in the End Zone almost perfectly but Scofner dropped it. On the next series, Morris intercepted a badly timed screen between Tittle and halfback Joe Morrsion.  Larry Morris  intercepted and ran  to the Bears 6.  A touchdown followed.  Instead of 14 to 0 it was tied at 7.  The wind and cold were freezing  Y.A.’s knee.  He did almost nothing the rest of the way.  Bears won 14 to 10.

1964.  Week 4 at Dallas.  Don Chandler missed an extra point.  The Giants and Cowboys played to a 13 all tie.

Week 14 Cleveland Browns at Yankee Stadium

The  2-9-1 Giants were playing 9-3-1 Cleveland Browns.  CBS thought this would be for the NFL East title;  but the Giants fell 52 to 20.  Frank Ryan threw five touchdown passes.  The Browns won the Eastern Conference .

After 1964, Chris Schenkel moved to ABC.  While he was good, he seemed out of place without telecasting the New York Giants.

Bullies and Their Victims

Last week a grammar school boy nearby committed suicide from being bullied.  This has been ongoing problem that is getting some well deserved attention.  Victims of bullies are afraid to go to school; spend time away from school in fear over what’s coming up the next day; and often have health problems.  Be it boy or girl, they should come to parents and faculty members.  Especially parents must be careful and not automatically brand their victim/children as a coward, sissy, or weakling.  Being assertive is not the same thing confronting a bully.

Concerning ourselves only with harassed students is like a opening the window and turning up the heat.  We have to address the bullies themselves.  They may have mental problems; be abused or neglected at home; have learning disabilities; or perhaps are just afraid.  Before resorting to extreme measures, I think school officials should look into the background of each person constantly bullying.  Faculty and staff have stated they do not have time or staff for this.  For that I say, use this as a example in your budget requests.

Most importantly, bullying involves all parents, faculty, and students. Parents have to be firm in telling their kids not befriend the bully in any way.  Don’t regard being in their circle as a sort of status symbol.  One day that bully will no doubt turn on them.  Don’t lecture bullies on their conduct and the damage they are doing.   They are well aware of both.  This preaching approach only gives them the attention they crave.  Hopefully, some students will  befriend the  victim and all students should ignore the bully.  If all students isolate them, the bully will feel the rejection and disgust.

Finally, remember all of have been bullies at one time or another.