Philadelphia Eagles Defeat Washington 34 to 10

Like Andy Reid said any win in the NFL is  good.  I qualify that statement by removing exhibition games from the package.  Defeating Washington 34 to 10 meant the Eagles:

–finished at  .500;

–had four game winning streak; and

–had a 5-1 record against their NFC  opponents.

At one time, the NFC East was the strongest in the league but it that was not true for 2011.  The division winner had only a 9-7 record.   In terms of actual wins and losses, it is similar to the  Arizona Cardinals in 2008.

Here is my take on the game

–the offensive line gave Vick great protection despite the lack of a ground game.  Running plays, until the last series, were merely to deflect attention;

–the blocked field goal from Derrick Landri was big and the Eagles held on to a 3 to 0 advantage;

–With less than 30 seconds left in the first half, the Redskins had the ball inside the Eagles 15.  Philadelphia had a 10 to 0 lead.  Washington’s confusion and lack of direction was a real comedy, at least from my viewpoint.  This kind of chaos happens once in a while. Very funny and a pleasure to watch; as long as it’s your opponent.  I just hope this is on the game highlights.

–Washington executed well the the 47 yard screen  from Rex Grossman to Ray Hulu early in the third quarter, making the score 1o to 7; jitter time,

–the Eagles came right back after that for a field goal showing good resilience,  extending their lead to 13 to 7,

–The pass from Vick to DeSaun Jackson was great giving the Eagles a 20 to 10 lead ; after that the Eagles got the ball back and just wanted to quickly put the game away; Ash Atoguie intercepted and the Redskins had the ball at the their 30.   Nail biting time came again but the Eagles held.

–Fans had to wait until the next series to put the game away.  Vick to Celek with his mad bull charge.  With five minutes to go, the Eagles could wrap things up, leading 27 to 10,

–Andy Reid put Mike Kafka at quarterback..  Since  the Redskins were tired and discouraged, the Eagles ground game jelled.    Dion Lewis ripped off  good runs and capped them with a touchdown.  Final 34 to 10.


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