Norman Van Brocklin’s Revenge

After the Philadelphia Eagles defeated Green Bay in the 1960 NFL Championship Game, Quarterback Norm Van Brocklin retired.  He expected the Eagles front office to name him head coach, since  Buck Shaw also retired at that time.  Though I am not sure what happened,  Van Brocklin felt the Eagles reneged on their promise.  They gave the job to Nick Schorich. The newly  formed  Minnesota Vikings took Van Brocklin.  My guess that NVB felt that coaching an established franchise, especially after just winning a title, held greater chance for success.

Van Brocklin  got revenge over the Philadelphia Eagles in his second and third year at Minnesota.  Both of these games showed that turnovers and penalties determine who wins.

1962 At Minnesota.  Both the Eagles and Vikings had 1-5 records.  The previous week Minnesota demolished the Los Angeles Rams at the Coliseum 38 to 14.  In this game, total yardage was about the same.  The Vikings got five turnovers to just one for Philadelphia.  Fran Tarkenton starred passing for two touchdowns and rushing for 69 yards and another touchdown.  Vikings 31 Eagles 21.  The Vikings finished at 2-11-1, next to last in the Western Division.  The Eagles were 3-10-1, last in the East.

1963 at Franklin Field.  The Eagles came in at 2-9-2; the Vikings had improved to 4-8-1.  Philadelphia gave the ball up five times and got no turnovers.  The Vikings sacked Sonny Jurgensen six times for 56 yards in losses.  The Eagles made only one sack.  Vikings in an easy win 34 to 13.  Philadelphia again finished last in the NFL East at 2-10-2.   


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