Red Zone Success

The Philadelphia Eagles have had problems in the Red Zone not holding their opponents to field goals or turnovers, just allowing  touchdowns.  That has not been the team’s history in some of the  big years

2003 Both Games at Lincoln Financial Field

New York Giants.  With the game tied at 7, Philadelphia held the Giants at the two yard line. Troy Vincent knocked away pass on third down.  The Giants got the field goal but not the momentum.  After that series, it was was easy 28 to 10.

Green Bay Packers in the Playoffs.  Early in the fourth quarter the score, was tied at 14.  The Eagles made a great goal line stand:  the Packers kicked a field goal.  What happened next is part of Eagle folklore. McNabb’s completion to Freddie Mitchell on fourth down and 26; David Ackers two field goals,  and Brian Dawkins’ interception in overtime.

2004 NFC Championship vs Atlanta.  With the Eagles leading 7 to 0, Atlanta had second and goal at the Eagle five.  Vick rolled to left and Michael Lewis really blocked his pass. I recall the ball almost flew past the 20 yard line.  Vick then had no luck trying to run up the middle as Holllis Thomas was a stone wall at the Eagle two.   The Falcons settled for a field goal.  Eagles won of course, 27 to 10.

2006 at New York in the regular season.  The Eagles held the Giants to field goals twice in the Red Zone and also stopped Tiki Barber on his two point conversion attempt.   Eagles 36 Giants 22.

2008 at New York in the Playoffs.  Stewart Bradley, on the game’s first possession, broke up a pass at the Eagles three. Eagles won 20 to 11.

Not so lately.



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