Bullies and Their Victims

Last week a grammar school boy nearby committed suicide from being bullied.  This has been ongoing problem that is getting some well deserved attention.  Victims of bullies are afraid to go to school; spend time away from school in fear over what’s coming up the next day; and often have health problems.  Be it boy or girl, they should come to parents and faculty members.  Especially parents must be careful and not automatically brand their victim/children as a coward, sissy, or weakling.  Being assertive is not the same thing confronting a bully.

Concerning ourselves only with harassed students is like a opening the window and turning up the heat.  We have to address the bullies themselves.  They may have mental problems; be abused or neglected at home; have learning disabilities; or perhaps are just afraid.  Before resorting to extreme measures, I think school officials should look into the background of each person constantly bullying.  Faculty and staff have stated they do not have time or staff for this.  For that I say, use this as a example in your budget requests.

Most importantly, bullying involves all parents, faculty, and students. Parents have to be firm in telling their kids not befriend the bully in any way.  Don’t regard being in their circle as a sort of status symbol.  One day that bully will no doubt turn on them.  Don’t lecture bullies on their conduct and the damage they are doing.   They are well aware of both.  This preaching approach only gives them the attention they crave.  Hopefully, some students will  befriend the  victim and all students should ignore the bully.  If all students isolate them, the bully will feel the rejection and disgust.

Finally, remember all of have been bullies at one time or another.                  


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