Giants Game; Hugh Marlowe

As we watch the New York Giants in the Super Bowl,  just think  how close the Eagles came to beating them twice.  If I had to pick the big series of the season-the Giants holding the Eagles to a field goal with the ball inside their one.  Philadelphia went ahead 16 to 14 not 20 to 14.  The momentum changed right there.
The subject actor was born in Philadelphia in 1911.  He played supporting roles in movies and television.  Marlow was always the antagonist or bandit who would not stop at anything, including murder, to get what he wanted .  Not quite so severe but still unlikable where his parts as a ruthless selfish person who would easily ruin another’s  reputation.  This behavior may not be against the  law; but it is cruel and needlessly vindictive.   Hugh Marlowe had a stone looking face and hard biting voice.  These were effectively understated to be believable. Supporting actors play a key in judging how good a film is.  Hugh  Marlow  was no exception.  He contributed to the quality of every movie he played in.

Bugles in the Afternoon.  Ray Milland wants to get even with him and does; good action western.

Day the Earth Stood Still, The.  Super science fiction attacking the Cold War mentality. High Marlow is symbolic of the greed each of us has held at one time or another.

Garden of Evil, The.  A trapped miner who is suspicious of his wife’s motives. He is his own worst enemy.

Rawhide.  Escaped convict holds hostages at a stage coach station.  Different theme to a Western and very good.

Seven Days in May.  A ruthless newspaper man not above slander.

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