Chicago Bears 1963 to 1964

The Chicago Bears won the NFL Title in 1963.  After an 11-1-2 season, they defeated the New York Giants at Wrigley Field 14 to 10. On that ball were Willie Gallimore and John Farrington.

Gallimore was on the downside of a once promising career.  In seven years with the Bears Willie Gallimore  gained 3,000 yards rushing scored 26 touchdowns. He also caught 87 passes for 1,200 and ten touchdowns. John Farrington caught just 21 passes in 1963.  One though was for 46 yards in a tie with the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Both players in an automobile accident just prior to training camp.

The Bears fell to 5-9 and next to last place in the NFL West.  I think the loss of those players affected the team.  In 1965, the Chicago Bears, despite a bad start,  were 9-5.


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