Philaldelphia Views and Thoughts

The best place to view the William Penn Tower, to me, was either head on from Arch Street or the profile from JFK Plaza.  From Arch Street or  the expressways ,  the picture is not as impressive as it once was.  It’s hard to notice William Penn with the buildings in Penn Center.    The view from South Broad Street reveals nothing.

The Penn Mutual Observation Deck was another place for a great view.   


Three restaurants advertised dining with a view in Philadelphia at one time and now are no longer there.    The Holiday Inn at City Avenue was one of the first to have a Top Floor  Restaurant with a section revolving once every hour.   The Penthouse was on the 33rd floor of the Lewis Towers Building.  Stouffers at one time at a chain of restaurants with a rooftop view.   In Philadelphia, it was the Top Of Center Square on the southwest corner just opposite City Hall.   The Penthouse  by far had the best food with the other two below par.


Fans will be remember that goal line stand, at home,  where the Giants held the Eagles to just a field goal and a 16 to 14 lead.  That seemed to energize New York and in that 29 to 16 loss.


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