Why is Dallas the Number One Rival

Since 1979, the Dallas Cowboys have been the Philadelphia Eagles biggest rival.   Why?

1. Dallas is the symbol of pure wealth in the country.   Philadelphia  had and still does have its share of wealth ; but it seems like its old money.

2. For 11 years, 1968 to 1978, Philadelphia’s record against  Dallas  was 2-20.  This record is  unparalleled for frustration.  Fans just assumed the game would be a loss.  Their assumptions were obviously correct.   Most of those losses were not even close.  All of this changed with that memorable night game in 1979.   Dallas also won seven straight games with the Eagles from 1992 to 1995.

3.  Dallas has had two dynasties which makes them a marked team.  The Cowboys had Post Season games 18 out of  20 years in the 1966 to 1985 time frame.  Within that period for nine years, 197o to 1978, came five Super Bowls-two victories and three losses.

4.   While I love  western films,  the Cowboy is not the only symbol of America.  Whoever had the idea of naming the Dallas Cowboys “America’s Team”?

5. Since the mid 70s , there have been numerous close losses to Dallas. To me, the close losses are always the worst.   


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