Environment, Heredity, Responsibility

With cynicism, I really hope that Micheal Vick has become a better person and will put this cruel and cowardly act behind him.  Most Eagle fans with natural bias feel likewise.   His act did draw attention to what is a serious problem in this country. When judging a public figure or a defendant on trial, a person must be aware of heredity and environment.  Vick fully knew his acts were wrong but perhaps his environment hardened him to its cruelty.

In self analysis, I think people should be aware of their inherited traits and surroundings during their entire life.  This helps anyone understand themselves better.  The last thing it means is to blame someone else and take no responsibility for your actions.  It does mean a stronger effort to overcome the images of the past.  Many people do not try to better themselves and this is understandable.  After all, it may take all of a person’s energy just to their heads above water.   Just do not blame your shortcomings on anybody else.  One fact holds like steel and will never change.  Each of us has inherited some nasty trait; none of us has had the ideal environment

This lack of personal responsibility may be why Freudian psychology fell into disfavor.  While his theories are still valid, the public gave them a meaning Sigmund Freud never intended.  It was not be an excuse for things such as crime, antisocial behavior, or stand pat attitudes.  Suppose a person inherited diabetes. Does that mean not seeing a doctor, getting medication, and watching your diet?

I don’t question the knowledge gained from psychoanalysis.  It has answered allot of questions and posed additional ones.   I doubt the oversimplification and exaggerated claims made for it.  Strongly implied is a loss of freedom and personal responsibility that goes with the total acceptance of it.  I want to hold people accountable for their actions rather than some fury from past history or the subconscious mind.


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