Flips of Fate I

If anybody wrote fiction with the following facts, people would have laughed them out of the room.

1.  The three key figures in writing  the Declaration of Independence were John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin.  Adams and Jefferson were political allies but became bitter opponents over the election of 1800.   Through the efforts of Dr. Benjamin Rush, they established rapport again in 1810;  Rush broke down the barrier.  Their written correspondence starting 1810 is the first  historical record of letters between Presidents.  No two equaled it until the Hoover-Truman letters from 1945 to 1964.  Jefferson and Adams died on the same day-July 4, 1826.  The 50th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.

2.  Father and Son in 1950.  Dick Sisler hit a home run in the top of the 11th inning at Ebbetts Field clinching first place for the Philadelphia Phillies.  His father George Sisler must have been very proud.  The Old Man was a consistent .400 hitter for the St. Louis Browns in the 20s and of course a member of the Hall of Fame.  He was also the batting coach for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

3.  Herbert Hoover, running for re-election in 1932, took only six states and one city.  The states were Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Delaware, and the largest Pennsylvania.  Philadelphia also went for Hoover.  Quaker President,  Quaker State, Quaker City.     

4.  To me there were four games that made football replace baseball as our favorite sport:

1956 NFL Title Game-New York Giants 47 Chicago Bears 7.  Prior to this game, all attention went to the offense. This showed the defense to be just as important.
1958 Final Regular Season Game New York Giants 13 Cleveland Browns 10. Pat Summerall kicked the winning field goal.
1958 Eastern Conference Playoff New York Giants 10 Cleveland Browns 0
1958 NFL Title Baltimore Colts 23 New York Giants 17. Famous Overtime Game

All three games were at Yankee Stadium, the best known baseball field.

5. 1954.  Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Johnson has doubts about the SEATO Treaty.  He is afraid this might involve a future  President in a war in South East Asia.

6. 1948.  Mc Keesport is the largest steel suburb of Pittsburgh, twelve miles up the Monongahela.   Two young Congressmen had a debate over the Taft Heartly Act.  In favor of the law was Richard Nixon, the Republican from California;  against was John F. Kennedy, the Democrat from Massachusetts.

7. Warren Spahn holds the record for lifetime home runs for a pitcher with 40.  Ken Brett holds the records for pitchers with home runs in consecutive starts-four.  The two died within days of each other in 2006.

8.  Don Larsen had only an 11-5 record for the New York Yankees in 1956.  A sore arm bothered him at intervals.  It was  game five of the 1956 World Series against the Brooklyn Dodgers. This  little known pitcher hurled a perfect game at Yankee Stadium.  The score was 2 to 0.  After a day off,  the series moved to Brooklyn.  The Dodgers were desperate.   They started Clem Labine, who was strictly a relief pitcher.  Dodger Manager Walter Alston figured to get a few innings from him.  Instead, Clem Labine hurled a 10 inning 1 to 0 shut out.  The odds of those two games back to back!


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