Flips of Fate III

1964-Jim Bunning for the Philadelphia Phillies throws a perfect game against the New York Mets on Father’s Day.  Bunning is the father of 10 Children.

2006-I noticed an attractive women getting out of her car in the shopping center next door.  Immediately I mentioned that she looked like noted actress Julie Harris.   She said “she is my godmother. ” She pulled out a picture of Harris and Her.  I told her of the the  family resemblance.  The two are not related.

1917-Robert LaFollette, a Progressive Republican from Wisconsin, was one of only six Senators to vote against President Wilson’s Declaration of War.   On his staff were a young law student, Wayne Morse, and a young medical student, Ernest Gruening.  Morse moved to Oregon and served four terms in the  US Senate.  The first two as a Republican,  switched parties, and won the second two as a Democrat.  Gruening was the Democratic Senator from Alaska.  In 1964, 47 years after Wilson, these two were the only Senators to vote against the Gulf of Tonkin  Resolution.


Eagles’ fans will have to get used to calling their new linebacker DeMico Ryans not Ryan.  This guy hopefully will be able to provide the missing link for the defense. This has been done three time before-Bill Bergey in 1974, Jerimiah Trotter in 2004, and Stewart Bradley in 2007.  Bradley looked to be a sure thing until his injuries in 2009 and 2010.


I see where the Eagles have signed Trent Edwards, who played for mainly for the Buffalo Bills.  Three things are certain:

–Micheal Vick will miss some games,

–Mike Kafka is an unknown,

–Vince Young threw too many interceptions. 


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